Understanding the failure of expectations is to change one’s perspectives in a wise way.

Since I’m still not in the mood to talk about technology and art, I shall instead post here the work of yet another interesting American photographer who caught my attention in New York.

Dana Miller is a landscape photographer who decided to work in the city. That’s a challenge in itself and thus deserved my immediate appreciation.

Shunning cityscapes has become such an easy art form that it has become almost boring. Being a city person to the fullest, I can’t help but admire people who choose a path of no nature to portray life.

In her End of the Line series, Miller went to the last stop of New York’s subway system to capture images that exude life and people’s creativity and lifestyle even if there’s no one to be seen in them.

Seeing the expected is so easy and common-sense. It is much more intriguing to let the unusual mesmerize us.

But then, that is not for just about everyone.

Sensitivity. Sensitivity.


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