Music against homophobia

The day started really well today. Although I woke up already tired from days of too much work and too few hours of sleep, I was seeing things in a very positive way and basically loving everything. I had my tasks, chores and commitments for the long hours ahead of me but I did manage not to get desperate about them.

My plan was to continue my series about art and technology. But I won’t.

The ugly face of prejudice and homophobia made itself present this very day, so all of those positive thoughts about mankind vanished. Back to reality, one might say.

Then, I shall just post here a song by a group which has been able to cheer me up. For those of you who aren’t feeling so well today. here’s Michachu and the Shapes:

I know it’s not new and they have been talked about a lot already, but they do improve my mood.

A friend of mine who’s a fashion producer used this song for a fashion show the other day and I just thought it was quite cheerful.

So cheers to all of those who are not narrow-minded.

PS: Michachu (aka Mica Levi) is openly gay.


2 responses to “Music against homophobia

  1. blackwatertown

    Hadn’t seen or heard these guys before. Cheery bunch they are. Thanks for that.
    Getting back to what you were writing about, here’s another song, bit less cherry, though there are different versions, by Chumbwumba, here and a more stripped down version is here
    We play the first version in the car a bit when we’re motoring along.

  2. Wow! i love this song!!
    i’ve never heard of them before!


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