I very often divide the different times of my life according to my music tastes of each period. In my mind, there is frequently a specific soundtrack for all the important moments in my existance.

Not surprisingly, the connectiion of music and visual arts appeals immensely to me. It is a powerful combination in the sense that it increases the amount of sensitivity one has to artistic expression. In an installation, one may be touched by the music but not by the material piece, as well as the opposite. The best option is when one is touched by the combination of both.

In that perspective, I must say that I am easily drawn to like the work of Janet Cardiff and George Miller. They have new work currently in exhibition at the Luhring Augustine gallery in New York. Yet again, their work pleased me immediately.

With The Cabinet of Curiousness, the artists use an antique piece of furniture with 20 drawers to store different types of music, from an opera to bicycle sounds. The contrast of sounds and the age of the wooden catalogue, together with the modernity of the sound system help elicit questions about memory and simplicity.

Sounds and music seem to awaken almost instinctive reactions from people and it easily gets us thinking (though usually with a little delay). It is as if the message or the idea of the artists could linger a bit longer.

I can’t stop thinking about how important it was for me to keep the music I liked in the past with me. It is like opening a drawer into past feelings and experiences through the channels of emotion.

No wonder I love Cardiff and Miller’s works so much.


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