North Art in New York

It’s easy to tell I’m drawn to Nordic aesthetics and consequently to anything related to Scandinavian design and music.

Maybe it’s because I lived there when I was younger, so I probably get it in ways I may not even be aware of.

The first gallery I entered in New York housed an exhibition on Finnish photographers from the Helsinki School, an interesting art project engaged in promoting photography & video art from Finland. An idea that deserves not only to be praised but also copied all around the globe.

Two of the artists’ photographs featured at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery really caught my attention and interest. They are:

Yearly Growth, 2009 from the Possibility of Constancy series

The use of darkness and clarity, both in the lighting as in the settings remind me instantly of this important duality in Nordic life and everything it represents to them: summer-winter, grey-color and so on.

With fascinatingly pale colors and the ever present use of water, Majuri brings the unpredictability of shape into a static form of art such as photography.



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