Fondle your weekend

Every week I promise myself I will take the time to write a proper post on Friday but then, when the day comes, I’m too busy or excited about the weekend to do something serious.

It won’t be different this time, I’m afraid.

But I will share with you another art discovery I made while in New York. For those who appreciate a little sexiness to inspire their weekend, here are some pics by the New York-based photographer Nodeth Vang:

Luc & Ryan

There is a project of his I really like. It works like this: he meets guys through the internet and asks them if they’re willing to take their clothes off for the camera outdoors or in. It’s quite interesting to see how different kinds of men would accept it and how they react to their own exposure, something that Vang captures pretty well in those series (on show at the Bruce Silverstein gallery):

Untitled (Victor with Grass)

May everyone have a sexy and cuddle-filled weekend.


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