An art day: perfect

My greatest passion is traveling. I have come to this realization soon after I moved to Paris in 2008. Mind you, it wasn’t because of the change of countries that it became clear to me, rather it was the moving that made me see that this is what I enjoy most in the world.

I remember that I didn’t want to buy anything upon my arrival – no closets, no new mattress, no pans, no nothing. I am perfectly happy with little. I possess nothing except for my clothes (the ever-so-present manifestations of my moods), my books, my bed and my computer. All the money I save is for taking trips everywhere my mind wishes to take me.

So, what do I do when I travel that makes this experience so strong?

Plenty of things. For example, I usually try to find out from other connoisseurs what the coolest neighborhoods/areas of a city are and I just head there, practically without knowing anything. Then, I take my time to discover things just by walking around, appreciating everything that catches my attention.

This is how I discovered Chelsea, in New York. I knew there were art galleries there but I had no idea they were so many. And so nice. This was how I can say I practically stumbled upon Elliott Hundley‘s works at Andrea Rosen Gallery.

Jasiu With Leaf

Jasiu With Leaf, 2006

His choice and use of materials is fabulously intriguing, for they create images of beauty and mythical ideas out of simple objects and every day things such as plastic, glass, paper and wire. His mastery of the possibilities each element in the sculptures has is nothing less than impressive.

Luckily, this was just one of my first – though I have to say it was also one of the most striking – findings in Chelsea.

It was so much to see that I used lunch time to give my mind some space in order to absorb everything. Instead of going to a stylish restaurant, I happily chose to buy a sandwich in a street nearby and eat it in the lovely stripe of green space along the Hudson River.

This is how a perfect day while on tour for me is.


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