Pools, boys, NYC

In exactly four days I’m going to New York City to spend 10 days relaxing and doing some art research.

To compensate for the rather short time I’ll have to devote to this blog, I’m preparing a series of posts on American artists I admire, of all kinds.

When I was thinking about which ones to choose, I suddenly remembered a painting I had seen years ago of a beautiful boy taking a shower depicted with pastel colors in a very poetic way. After a brief research, I found it in my art archives:

Man Taking Shower in Beverly Hills, 1964

It turns out the artist is not American, but English. David Hockney is his name and he was involved in Pop Art (thus my belief he came from the USA).

I just love this series of swimming pools, bathrooms and boys. The geometry, the choice of color and subjects sends this message of relaxation, beauty and heat I really relate to.

His most famous painting:

A Bigger Splash, 1967

If longing for summer and relaxation can be translated into images, these are the best ones.

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