The Rio series: what to wear

If you think you can handle real heat, you have got to go to Rio to put yourself to the test.

As I mentioned here, Rio de Janeiro redefines heat. It is constantly scorching there, and if you happen to be in the city during the official summer, you’ll find out you can sweat in ways you never thought possible.

Such melting temperatures have their consequences on lifestyle, fashion choices and  and thus, tourism.

Some basic rules:

  • avoid walking between 11am and 3pm. Everything should be done by taxi or anything equipped with an air-conditioning system;
  • wear only bright colors, most specifically white;
  • cotton is your best carioca friend;
  • pants are forbidden – anything long becomes a burden to be worn in Rio;
  • hats are in again and become a must in the tropical sun.

The combination of tailored shorts & shirt is the best choice for tropical trips. Worn with nice shoes (which must be walkable) or stylish sandals, casual becomes chic in a blink of an eye:

Julia Watanabe, spring 2010

Julia Watanabe, spring 2010

But remember, when it’s 40°C outside, less is always and desperately more.


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