A heavy cross

Today is the day the world is supposed to celebrate women’s day. I don’t.

Before someone calls me mysogenous, I must first say that I really need women around me and I like their company very much. Most of all, I do sincerely believe that a girl’s best friend is a gay guy.

This date was created to raise awareness of equility issues. Well, I do not believe men and women are equal. Each is unique in its own way and there can be no exact equivalence between them, nor there should be.  There is no question, nonetheless, that both deserve the same chances and must be treated equally in regards to social justice and so on.

Just like Gay Pride, very soon there won’t be the need for women to be remembered on this day, for all days will be theirs.

Thus, celebrating truly the spirit of gender conviviality, I’d like to share my respect and love for one of rock and roll’s most respectable women, Beth Ditto from The Gossip:

They were coming to Belo Horizonte next week, but sadly the show was cancelled apparently for personal reasons. It’s a shame – it would have been the best.

PS: My birthday celebrations were unforgettably fun.


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