Naïve depth

Very few people in the world have the ability to write in a way that is insightful, deep, straight-forward and enjoyable at the same time. Even after having read an immense number of books, it is still quite rare to come across an author who has the gift of depth in simplicity.

Helena Morley is such a writer. The Diary of Helena Morley, a true account of the life of a young teenager in 19th century countryside Brazil, is a true masterpiece.  By telling stories that concern her daily life in a small mining town, the girl presents the reader with an in-depth yet humble view of human nature, society, gender and racial issues at a time when slavery had but recently ended officially.

Diamantina, where H. Morley grew up

The character of the girl in the book is strikingly full of compassion and understanding of the difficulties of living in a place with an extreme lack of resources:

“… if only we could stay at the mine with papa, mama wouldn’t have to work so hard. But our educations are such a burden to mama that it kills me to think of it.”

The Diary of Helena Morley is one of the most accurate descriptions of the human condition written in the simplest way one can think of, that of an almost child.



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