Entice to delight

As observers and manipulators of reality, photographers often choose themes that are dear to their hungry eyes. People are one of the ever-so-interesting and commonest eye-catching subjects.

In the history of the visual arts, the female body has been very often used for the purpose of portraying the human soul. It has been said to exhaustion that women have a more harmonic – and thus more beautiful – body. Fortunately, many photographers beg to differ.

Among those, the work of Stuart Sandford outstands. With a special regard for male beauty charged with sexuality, the British photographer has over the years used pictures to break the sexist stereotype that only women are worth portraying:

From the Cumfaces series

Simple and yet enticing.

PS: after posting this, I started thinking about portraits of male beauty and I realized that the exposure of male sexuality is often still seen as a taboo in our sexist society. The work of artists such as Standford’s is very welcome in trying to widen horizons and allowing people to think carefully about sex stereotypes.


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