Favorite photographers

When it comes to the arts, everyone has their predilections. Apart from music, which is hors concours for me, the form of art which is closest to my heart is photography. The biased way in which it translates reality fooling the viewer with the illusion of truthfulness really appeals to me.

Over the years, I have been keeping track of some contemporary photographers whom I think bring a different perspective into the world of image capturing. Here’s a list of those whom I admire in a special way.

  • Wolfgang Tillmans, for his observational skills and sensitive use of light and choice of themes.

  • Thomas Ruff, for the path he’s chosen of a highly technical approach to questioning photography and its techniques.

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto, a true master in the sense that he knows exactly how to achieve an image through using the basic component of photography: light.

If I was writing this a couple of years ago, I might have added the name of David Lachapelle, who was a pioneer in bringing back bright colors to pictures, as well as making art as pop as it could get. But he has disappointed me.


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