Scandinavia, Spain

Here’s a little something for my Scandinavian friends faced with what seems to be a particularly cold winter.

Winter fun, illustration by Camilla Engman

Winter shouldn’t be the worst time of the year, especially because it is the longest season for you. Enjoy it, but do it accordingly. Can you remember your grandparents’ stories about how lovely it was to gather around a fire, sipping hot cocoa and telling stories? That’s what your cold season should be about: meeting people, staying together, sharing things. Summer is only a two-month (in some places up there a one-month) period of the year, much too short for you to live your lives longing for it.

Nordic grandparents are a good key to learning to have fun during winter because they were born before tv was here, long before the internet and ages before the comfort of easy traveling. They mostly had no warmer place to go, they had to stay in the North and cope with the cold. And they did it in a much more graceful way too.

My point here is basically: deal with what is available. Join your klubber/klubbor/klúbbar, go skiing, take long hikes, go ice-skating, just anything can suffice.

Just do not forget that you don’t live in Southern Spain. Enjoy what you have.

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