A taste for sculpture

The way I see it, art should always bring about feelings and emotions. It is great when it happens and even better when you can identify at once exactly what you felt.

Such a thing happened to me recently, at the first time I looked at Tatiana Blass‘ work. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, she is a sculptor, a painter, an illustrator and a writer who has just quite newly begun showing her art. Soft colors, mixture of shapes and the presence of rupture are a constant presence in the wonderful pieces she creates.

Cão cego #1("Blind Dog #1"), brass and paraffin, 2009

When looking at Cão cego #1, I was immediately struck by feelings of pity and compassion but at the same time touched by the sensibility with which it was created.

There is quite an established tradition for sculpture in Brazil and it’s really exciting to see what this praxis is being continued by someone as skillful and as multitalented as young Tatiana.

I can’t wait to see how her art develops.

2 responses to “A taste for sculpture

  1. fantastic. a very sobering image

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