A land of the (re)mix

If there’s one thing Brazilians do really well is to absorb cultural elements from a multitude of sources and transform it into something completely new and often surprising.

This might be due to the fact that for decades the only access to international culture we had here was rather late and often obsolete. Then came the 21st century and mass rapid internet connections. It is the age of the remix.

The Twelves, a musically gifted duo from Rio do it better and faster than one’s head can take. They are excellent.

In a very Brazilian way, they take songs from great artists around the globe and add their own twist of musicality to the original beat, creating something which is as good to dance to as it is to appreciate at home.

Reinvention is my word du jour.

PS: FYI, they do create their own music, though not as often as one would wish.

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