Daily Archives: 21/01/2010

One of two

I was recently faced with a difficult choice between work and a weekend full of fun/culture. One of Brazil’s most fun low-key film festivals is about to start in the lovely Baroque town of Tiradentes (from which part of my family roots spring). The festival is a lovely opportunity to meet friends, go to parties and check out what’s happening in the Brazilian movie scene.

For one time I chose responsibility over amusement. I must finish this project I’ve been developing together with an artist friend and we set the final deadline for February. In a very unlike-me decision, I made up my mind to stay here and finish the work.

I suddenly remembered a video that exudes fun by CSS, one of my favorite national acts of all time:

A perfect depiction of a fun-filled trip that will have to wait a little longer to become true in my life.

First things first.