Escaping dull reality

Yesterday evening I went to the movies to see Where the Wild Things Are, by Spike Jonze.

I liked it a lot and it also got me thinking on the ways I used to escape reality as a child and how  my childhood angst got to me. I was never one to create wonderfully imaginative worlds to seek refuge in nor did I have any creative hobbies to express my emotions through.

The way I evaded my uncomfortable child life was through living very close to the adult world. I kept a lot of what I saw or heard in my mind, never sharing it with anyone, not even those same grown-ups I so often found myself around.  I was a very shy kid since I felt so stifled by everyone. All those adult conversations, opinions, perspectives and all types of relationship meanders have fed my brain with words that only years later could be freed. They were very likely the source of my lexical creativity.

the will to escape reality isn't scary anymore

The general feeling I got from the movie was a sense of relief for not being a child anymore. Enough is enough.

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