Daily Archives: 11/01/2010

Object harmony

I love when new museums are opened, especially when this is done transforming a place once forgotten about into a brand new space for art.

I recently went to such a space to check out an exhibition of Stéphane Vigny, a French artist who turns everyday objects into pieces of art that question the way we interact with life on a daily basis.

One piece that really caught my attention and got me thinking about city life was a piece called Barrière:

City beauty

By inserting design and (art) history in this object made for hindering movement, the sole presence of beauty changes the way one may interact with such a barrier, so common in big cities around the globe. Instead of viewing it as an obstacle, it is quite possible that a person might understand why it was put there, maybe to prevent pedestrians from getting hit by automobiles. If one is faced with such a beautiful and thought-about type of fence, it would seem likely that there was a sort of higher purpose to it. It would be something like a gift from the city.

I’ve always believed that design (in all its forms) can totally change the way we live, even when we’re unaware of it. I find it extremely pleasant to be surrounded by carefully made and beautiful objects, and this exhibition made me notice how this can be taken one step further, into city object design.

Praise the artist.

Savoir forme is on at Museu Inimá de Paula until Feb 10, in Belo Horizonte.