Daily Archives: 04/01/2010

More inspiration for 2010

The new year has started and with it my ever so present need to find the appropriate clothes and accessories for true expression is yet again pressing.

Given the scortching heat one has to endure at this time of year here in the southern hemisphere, the best choice for an interesting look has got to be accessorizing oneself.

Ever since I caught eyes on his work, I immediately fell in love with Keko Hainswheeler‘s headpieces, masks and all the rest.

He’s been working quite frequently creating masks and the works for Lady Gaga, including the ones seen in the amazing visually rich video for Bad Romance.

Daily dose of expression

I continue dreaming of a world full of magical looks and boundless ways to express one’s personality without (much) judgement.

Having said that, I cannot help but state here my admiration for Lady Gaga‘s visual input. It is undeniably a part of her performance on has got to pay attention to.