A new year begins with a renewal of hopes, ideals and plans. I feel this is going to be the year to make things happen.

So much has changed since the same date last year; I’ve accomplished so much. Now it is the time to walk on the way I’ve paved so that all of this can be thoroughly enjoyed.

On a cultural note, I couldn’t help but feel so grateful to live in a country with such warm-hearted people who are always so open and uncomplicated. And, let us be truthful, maybe because of that, people who do know how to party.

New Year’s Eve is my favorite collective celebration of all. It is the middle of the summer here, everybody is about to go on holiday and feel so glad to celebrate a new beginning. During those long years of recession and pessimism, the eve of the first day of the new year was a moment to be hopeful, to dream about future possibilities, even if they were far from becoming real. It is this feeling of overwhelming hope that fills the night with such positivity for us.


Let us do our best to make our lives lighter, happier and more joyful. As I said, let’s make things happen

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