The end of Fever Ray

The multitalented Swedish artist Karin Dreijer Anderson has recently announced the end of her solo project, the wonderfully surprising Fever Ray, after just one record.

In an interview to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, she claimed that she’s accomplished what she wanted with this album, so it’s time to move on.

Fever Ray live

It saddens me but also it makes me admire her even more. Despite all the positive criticism, she chose the hardest path, the one of creativity. I can’t help but admire independent-minded artists and especially musicians who never cease to amaze.  She is aware of the fact that what she does isn’t mainstream and bases the explanation to her choices on her own pursuit of artistic expression, a thought I cherish deeply.

When asked about the difficult reception her music sometimes gets, she replied:

“I think listeners are often underestimated if one thinks that they only want to get fast-food songs, easily accessible tunes which everyone can understand the first time they hear them. I think people appreciate songs that take a little time to be taken it.”

A Fever Ray concert is conceived to be an exhibition, uniting sounds, music and visual elements to give access to Karin’s conceptions of a true and thorough artistic experience. In a fruitful partnership with Swedish artist Andreas Nilsson (who also directed the videos), the singer developed the concept of a five-sense approach to a music concert.

“I think it’s exciting to work with music that tries to express things in different ways, which can be accessed through many different entrances. One can listen to it for many reasons and purposes.”

In a world so full of idols and disposable artists, her words are an indescribable relief to one’s ears.

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