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Ooh now and that’s it

Love is often placed by some of my favorite artists in either one of the two ends of the relationship continuum: ecstatic joy or unavoidable pain. Both depictions please me immensely.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this issue, and Antony‘s lyrics in Epilepsy is Dancing speak straight to my heart:

Cut me in quadrants
Leave me in the corner
Cut me in quadrants
Leave me in the corner

Ooh now, it’s passing
Ooh now, I’m dancing
Ooh now, it’s passing
Ooh now, I’m dancing

To be honest, I thought the last part went: Ooh now and that’s it. How appropriate.

And here’s the video with the entire song:

There is virtually no love without suffering.

One or the other

If I had to choose between work and procrastination, I am afraid I would have to say the latter.

This is not due to lack of enjoyment in what I do, but I guess the day would have to be much bigger to fit the time I need to feel inspired together with the rest of the working day. At the risk of underperformance and unfinishing business, I prefer to have my mind creativity recharged by not doing anything of work-related consequence. Without it, I would just slowly die of mental and intellectual boredom.

This illustration by my all-time favorite alive artist and illustrator, the poetically talented Camilla Engman from Sweden is a perfect representation of what I mean by inspiration.

On work and leisure

On work and leisure


The absence

I still haven’t gathered the energy I need to write every day since my internet problems started taking place.

It is not that I don’t enjoy it, quite the contrary, but for some obscure reason I delight the most in writing using my own laptop. Writing from a different computer feels awkward and not so intimate as I would like.

But I shall continue on the path with the hopes of becoming the internet’s Next Top Frequent Writer.

Sceptical to the bones

As many of you may know, Rio de Janeiro was selected to host the 2016 Olympic Games. As a Brazilian, all I can say is: big deal.

Honestly and realistically thinking, this is the last way one should spend the $ 12 billion expected to be invested in the whole sports extravaganza. When you think about it, if Brazil is a corruption inferno, Rio is its Devil. I just cannot see how this megainvestment – which would be much more beneficial had it been applied to education and/or public health – would do the general public any good.

Not the best way to spend $12 bi

Not the best way to spend $12 bi

I know the president cried and was all emotional about it and I was almost touched, but showing off is not the answer for anything. He may be right when he says “the time has come for Brazil”, but this isn’t the time anyone with a critical view would expect.

Yes I’m sceptical and I’m it to my bones. I just hope all this money doesn’t get sucked into a black whole of greedy and amoral politicians.

So help us God.

Time for change

I’m very sorry for not updating in such a long time.

Due to my tendency to procrastinate, I still haven’t fixed my internet problem.

Also, when one ends a relationship on a very busy time at work, little time is left for other things, no matter how absolutely fabulous they are.

Hopefully music will help me heal. My favorite du jour: