Daily Archives: 27/10/2009

How I found myself this morning

I just love FFFFound!, it’s the best image databank on the whole of the internet I know.

I took this picture, which represents me and my mood this morning, from their collection. I hope it’s not illegal:


darth baby

Me in my own world

As Björk once put it: This time, I’m gonna keep me all to myself.


As good as it gets

Male models are light years behind their female counterparts in terms of the infamous quartet money, success, fame and glamour.

If Gisele Bündchen is the world’s most influential über model, who would be her männliche version? I don’t know.

Until this issue is settled, there is another model from Brazil (Gisele is as Brazilian as a nice caipirinha, believe me) who’s been making waves: Marlon Teixeira.

He has shot for the likes of Dior, Lagerfeld, Diesel and the works and he is just to die for.

And he knows how to get our attention:


My favorite Marlon T. picture

That’s as good as he gets.