Daily Archives: 16/10/2009

Help from friends

I’ve been hanging out quite a lot with my guy friends. The straight ones, I mean.

I love them all, and if I were to put them in two different categories, these would be the hip ones and the nerds. Nowadays, there is an intersection bringing nerds closer to the hip ones, although the consequences are quite obscure for us to foresee the outcome of this proximity for the moment. Cool guys have been appropriating nerd fashion icons in a way their source of inspiration wouldn’t dream of. Id est, nerds continue to look like nerds even though hip guys are now wearing similar clothes.

One example: beards. Facial hair has been a part of the Humanities Faculty (where I met most of these friends) since Plato times. Nerds have had them for as long as I can remember, even if they don’t look flattering on them. So, cool guys started wearing beards, which made it even more okay for nerds to grow theirs. Not a good idea.

Trying to help the world look better, I shall list here the conditions for one to grow a beard, if absolutely necessary:

  • your beard should be full, covering the face in a homogeneous way;
  • your beard must have one color only;
  • your beard must be trimmed every other day, otherwise it becomes disgusting;
  • your beard must make you look better, not older, dirtier and more tired.

Taking all that into account, I still prefer a guy with a clean face.

Beared and handsome?

Bearded and handsome?

I never stop thinking straight guys should ALWAYS have a gay guy to help. At all times.