The unmistakable presence of the Queen

As a Brazilian journalist and fashionista once so shrewdly said: in this world of ours, one cannot pretend not to notice Madonna.

I cannot do it either. Many are those who think she should be thinking about retiring. Some say it’s because of her age. Other claim she’s lost all she once had. Yet, she seems to be ever so hungry for fame (despite her regretting having trade for love, without a second thought) and has a new album and single out as we speak. Here’s the single, boringly entitled Celebration:

I’ve been to her last show and I’ve listened to the song and my personal veredict, if asked, would be: besides dating the very hot (and incredibly pedestrian) Brazilian model Jesus Luz, she hasn’t been doing anything worth to notice.

Nevertheless, I have been wrong about her in the past. Just before Confessions On a Dancefloor was released, I had been hoping she would retire and choose a life of glorious memories. As always, I was glad to be mistaken. Let us see what happens this time.


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