Watery is the heart

People from colder countries do tend to have a darker take on life, one that isn’t – or, as I believe, can’t – be shared with people from warmer places with an easier take on life.

After reading a short review of Nicolette Kreibitz’s film “The Heart is a Dark Forest” I couldn’t stop thinking about the choice of the title. I don’t agree that a dark forest is like a heart in any sense. To be honest, the comparison makes very little sense to me personally, though I’m able to see where she came from. How temperate of them.

To me the heart is much more like a deep river cutting through a very bright tropical landscape. Although it is deep and may contain lots of secrets, even if it is murky you can still see through its waters if you look close enough. And like a river, the heart keeps flowing ever changing with its whirlwinds, currents and meanders. Most rivers are welcoming, a refreshing sight in a hot day and, most importantly, they contain life.

So many Europeans and North Americans have such a negative view of life, as if it were so hard, so complex all the time. I don’t think that many people from the southern hemisphere would agree. Many are those who think life is so easy on these pessimists that they create issues to complain about.

It is time the art world focuses on something less whiny and still very dramatic: a southern hemisphere approach to feelings.

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