Daily Archives: 07/07/2009

Mea culpa

Just when I begin to be glad about the way I generally behave, something happens that makes me see the ugliest side of myself.

I don’t know why I react so badly when I get disappointed at people I care the most about. I don’t know why I respond so angrily when it happens nor do I know why it takes me so long to realize I shouldn’t have behaved they way I do upon such circumstances

Once again, I’m more than glad to stop and ponder about these matters, in the sincere hopes of being able to change.

To remind myself that I’m not the only one suffering, I always turn to music that deals with such issues. My choice du jour: Antony and the Johnsons:

Although this isn’t an official video, it is still great. Taken from their newest record, The Crying Light, this song is just breath-taking. We are so lucky to have heard Antony’s voice.

Even I get emotional sometimes.