Sweden, Talent, Fever, Ray

The future looks quite bright at the moment. Let the crises pass, let the semester be over, let a wonderful trip to Buenos Aires come closer!

Meanwhile, there is another endless source of inspiration that has been present in my life for the past few weeks: the ethereal Fever Ray, which is the new musical project by the ever so talented Karin Dreijer Andersson, the one half of the multiple-talented Swedish duo The Knife.

Here’s one of my favorite songs on the album, the enchanting When I Grow Up, in a video by Martin de Thurrah:

Although I couldn’t bear to live in Sweden for much longer than one year (sorry my svenska vänner, but the cold and darkness in every sense really get to me), I still consider it to be one of the most incredible creative cradles of the world today. I love everything Swedish (hej Olof Dreijer!) but especially its music.

Swedes in music have always done what I love the most about artists: they go through a lot of work and add numerous elements, beautifully coordinated, to everything they do. If only this were a cliché.

As Karin shrewdly says in the lyrics: they put their soul in what they do.


One response to “Sweden, Talent, Fever, Ray

  1. Cool that you get some influences from my homecountry, althought it is too cold for me as well.

    You are welcome to pop in to my Ghanaian blog and Ill continue to browse yours!

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