Diamonds, sugar and bells

I never run out of feelings of admiration for artists who put a lot of effort into their work.

a sugar child by Vik Muniz

a sugar child by Vik Muniz

I’ve just come home from a breath-taking retrospective of Vik Muniz‘s wonderful works at the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP). For those who aren’t familiar with his creation process, he creates 2D sculptures using unlikely materials, such as chocolate, ketchup, caviar and diamonds, then photographs the result which thus becomes portraits and pictures of different sorts.

My heart actually started pounding when I saw the Sugar Children series, a series of portraits of Caribbean children made with sugar grains. As with all his projects, Vik Muniz chose this specific material because of its connection to his subjects. These children are the sons and daughters of sugar cane plantation workers who had a lot of hope despite their probably abject future.

I admire so much artists who will spend hours, days or weeks on one piece of work just so it fits perfectly with the idea they had for it.

Music-wise, I’ve been listening quite often to an older Björk album and, more specifically, to my favorite song on the album, Who Is It:

What most strikes me about this version of the song is how Björk recreated this rather electronic song for the video using almost nothing but bells, in all shapes and sizes. It is masterpiece.


One response to “Diamonds, sugar and bells

  1. severnyproductions

    I like the image. That is one good artist

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