Growing and being drunk

With time I have learned to appreciate and even need to have people who don’t understand me around. Sometimes, when all of your loving friends always agree with you and understand your actions, you don’t get a chance to question yourself.

Questioning oneself is a prerogative to grow, I always say.

Isn’t it lovely to realize that you are just wrong? Maybe not at first, but for those who really care about improving themselves, it becomes so and quite soon.

Keeping that last thought in mind, I must say that I was quite mistaken about certain things in the recent past. I spent so much time and precious energy trying to convince someone else that mine was the best way to argue. What a preposterous idea. 

For those who want to let go of their regrets, here’s a fun yet not quite advisable way of forgetting problem’s: going to a party such as the Adidas House Party of your city and getting as drunk as I did last weekend. I recall but vaguely people’s faces and what was said and done, though I am quite aware that I didn’t do anything stupid.

Besides, all the alcohol helped me keep warm since my boxer outfit wasn’t the best choice for a cool night such as Saturday. How adolescent of me.


2 responses to “Growing and being drunk

  1. corksandcaftans

    hahaha; you are truly hilarious. sorry the outfit wasn’t all you’d hoped it to be. Were the shorts shiny, at least?

    • They sure were. A nice little pair of Adidas boxing shorts made a tiny bit shinier than usual to fool fashion aficionados into the sports section of the stores. Smart guys.

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