Sunday Night Silence

It is quite a paradox: even though I’m so into music, I still appreciate and much need times of complete silence.

On a Sunday night, for example, soundlessness is my choice of noise. The truth is that I hate the feeling I get when I sense the new week arriving with all its demands, obligations and responsibilities. I very often need to focus for a while, in a sort of breathe-in-breathe-out moment, something to help me get through boring times…

Talking boredom-avoiding activities, I’ve just come home from the cinema and I can’t help but express my disappointment at “Wolverine: Origins“. As a fan of the comic series and an enthusiast for the story of the mutants and its metaphors for prejudice, I’ve got to say that this new addition to the movie series is basically just dull. Although Wolverine was never my favorite character (despite being one of the hottest), I did expect more from the film. It is nothing but another action movie of the commonest kind. What a turn-off.

While some of you might want to check it out for yourselves, I for one am going to go back to my preferred soundtrack for today. Have fun.


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