Promises, Physics and Music

Upon my return to the homeland, I made a promise to myself to endeavour new things and develop new projects, all in favor of novelty and excitement.

As I’m quite aware of the laws of Physics which govern movement, I know that the best thing  to do in order to achieve something is actually taking the first step. And so I did: multiple projects, exciting ideas and a bright future ahead – that’s all I wanted to do.

Then now, in the beginning of May, I realize nothing is yet completed. What a big disappointment.

I have also realized how much things sometimes depend on external circumstances and that there’s nothing to do but wait sometimes. I’m just hoping and praying my excitement won’t wear out. So help us Music.

As usual, music is one of the only things which always cheer me up. Today’s favorites:

There’s nothing like the combination of good music and beautiful bodies on display to cheer one up. Have fun.


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