Daily Archives: 28/04/2009

Financial bug

I know I should be worried about the financial crisis and all that, but I just can’t.

I haven’t been working a lot simply because we have almost no clients (who prophylactically ran away due to high costs). Top end, slightly unnecessary service providers are always the first to be discarded. What a bummer.

But let us be optimistic: we have been given the gift of time!

So what have I been doing with all this free time? What I should say is that I’ve been studying for my Master’s degree but the true answer really is: listening to music and working on my ground-breaking media product (still to come, further info later on).

Music to my ears:

The new Phoenix album (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix) and its singles:

I loved the tribute they paid to Liszt, one of my all-time favorite classic composers.

I feel it’s very in to be classic at the moment. Since the present isn’t doing so well, why not look back into the past for the best of things?