Daily Archives: 12/04/2009

Fan philosophy

I just love artists who put enormous amounts of effort to produce their art. Better still is when they feel so committed to what they are doing that they do not care about time, commercial or any other types of constraints.

I was just reading an interview with one of my all-time favorite music artists, PJ Harvey, in which she describes the making of her records and how she goes about that. To her, every record is about expressing a certain point of view, a Inspiration: PJ Harveyspecific state of mind which must be presented no matter what. When criticized for wearing a mermaid costume during the tour of her 2005 album To Bring You My Love, she just laughed and said: “It all felt right at the time“. I loved it – absolutely no regrets when it comes to art. How encouraging.

Nowadays I feel it’s just impossible not to combine images and a visual identity with music. PJ Harvey has always known this and she’s always represented her feelings and moods through her looks. I love that too. From the mermaid, water sorceress to the dark bride in White Chalk, she has always been able to translate emotions into costume. Though describing what we perceive of the images may sound foolish, they are quite admirable in themselves.

An artist’s ability fully to embrace her or his art is always a keen factor for me in drawing the line between being a fan or becoming a lifelong admirer. By writing her lyrics and music, playing several instruments, creating a whole visual identity for every record she has done, Polly Jean is someone I will always look up to.

She’s got a new record out (A Man A Woman Walked By) and I am going out for lunch. Integrity.