Fight the good fight

If I had to choose a methaphysical enemy to fight against this week, it would have to be routine. I dislike it even more than I loathe boredom or stupidity and even prejudice. If I were to preach against something Moses style, routine would be my threat du jour.

The reason is quite simple. I see routine like an enormous sticky yet moving spiderweb. Once you find yourself caught in it, that’s it – bid farewell to excitement. And although a spiderweb moves with what it is stuck to (thinking about it in the web’s natural setting, obviously), the movement is nothing but a dreadfully similar, daily and repetitive one.

When you are deprived from your ability to move and thus see from a distance the point whence you came, you are frequently just unable to move forwards, meaning making the necessary changes you have to make in order to have some fun or even progress in life.

That is the second fight I pick for the year of 2009. So help me God.

PS: I’m feeling awfully literary today.

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