Uprising against boring clothing

Why is men’s fashion so boring? That’s a question I cannot cease to ask.

Year after year, despite my longing for novelty and excitement all I get is variations on the same boring things – suits, pants, jackets and shirts. Even the designers who create outrageously fun clothes for women tend to come up with rather dull designs for men. I know couture for men isn’t profitable, but where are the sources of inspiration we guys so desperately need?

There is hope, though. I have recently come across some of the designs of Keko Hainswheeler, a young British designer who creates fun pieces of clothing and the most attractively colorful headpieces one can think of. Another one who’s caught my attention is the Japanese shirt virtuoso Kiminori Morishita.

Keko on Dazed & Confused

Keko's designs on Dazed & Confused

I hereby propose an uprising against boring men’s fashion. Who’s with me?


3 responses to “Uprising against boring clothing

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  2. I love menswear and it’s so true there are SO many boring things! But then I look at Juun J., Wooyoungmi, Yohji Yamamoto, Burberry Prorsum or take a look at The Sartorialist and my love for eccentric-wearable-interesat-creative-menswear is increased.

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