All about Brazil

I’m now back in Brazil and just loving every single degree Celsius.

It’s the end of the Summer now, one of the hottest times of the time, just before the last rains wash away the heat (as Tom Jobim so nicely put it on his lovely Waters of March song & lyrics).

Every time I leave the country I have the wonderful opportunity to learn to appreciate it more, especially everything that is connected to weather. After suffering for months in the bitterly wet Parisian winter, it is just so unbelievably refreshing to see the sun shine every single day. We Brazilians do take it for granted, and so often.

Despite all the problems, all the corruption, all the narrow-mindedness, all the mess, all the poverty and all the prejudice I still think (and this thought kept coming to my mind) that Brazil is one of the best places in the planet to live.

And I haven’t even started talking about the people.


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