Beauty’s in the eye of the blind

It is funny how some things have an influence in our lives and we don’t even notice them until you are faced with a different reality.

I don’t consider myself a religious person and I can’t really say I care much about Christian morals but surprisingly my point of view about some things seems to be strangely full of Catholic ideas.  Take nudity for instance.

I still think it’s a little awkward to be surrounded by naked people in public places, such as a thermal bath, a beach, sauna and the likes. To me being naked is sort of only ok when it is a sex situation. (Did somebody hear the word procriation? Good, because neither did I).

So today I couln’t help but feeling embarrassed when I went to this thermal bath here in Budapest where a lot of (old) guys where wearing only a small piece of cloth covering their frontal private parts. I just thought “this would never be ok in Brazil”. How Catholic of me!

Maybe I was cursed by the Pope’s gaze after I saw him in Rome, or maybe I’m just being too hard on myself. Well, to be honest, old guys naked are usually a little disgusting on my tired  eye balls.

Yes, aesthetics, not Catholicism. I have to keep that in mind.


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