When in Rome, if you’re poor

Do as the Catholic church: try to get money from all the sources possible. I was shocked to see the number of stores, stalls and the works selling all kinds of Vatican souvenirs and memorabilia. I am not kidding. There was a souvenir shop halfway up Saint Peter’s Basilica. I couldn’t help but wonder: Didn’t Jesus throw away the vendors who were doing commerce inside the Temple? How oblivious of the Pope.

To me, the best shocking thing about the consummeristic connection between faith and money is the 2009 Calendario Romano. It is a calender sold everywhere in which for every month there is a picture of a handsome young priest. Call me a church-goer pervert, but what on earth is the purpose of such pictures? Smart people should do the math: good-looking people hanging on the wall + luscious looks + right hand = ?

The Catholic church is indeed changing.


One response to “When in Rome, if you’re poor

  1. Oóóóld!

    Its so nice to see I wont need an e-mail to know E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that is going on in your life!! hahah

    nice surprise+funny posts+right hand+left click= Internet Explorer Fav.


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