The start

So finally I started to write a sort of a version of my blog in English after so many people begged me for it. What is really true, though, is that this way many of my non Portuguese-speaking friends will be able to read my stuff.

I promise I will try to keep it as updated as possible; and that shall be my less than 10th new year’s resolution for 2009. I truly thrive in optimism.

As Queen Latifah once said in one of my favorite deliciously silly movies: “make me international”.


One response to “The start

  1. Hello,

    I have such a high esteem for your blog. I’d love to know the site address for the brasileiro version. I was wondering if you also wrote in French.

    Thank you for sharing your values, ideas, and your acute aesthetic vision. It’s nice to know that people like that happen to exist around the world, even lightly sprinkled throughout.


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